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Double Doc McStuffins Farting Mommy Tummy Ache Checkup, Doc McStuffins Gives Farting Mommy Injection pulsuz mp3 yukle

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Double Doc McStuffins Farting Mommy Tummy Ache Checkup, Doc McStuffins Gives Farting Mommy Injection mp3 indir, mp3 yukle, pulsuz şarkı yükle, bedava mobil mp3 Tarix : 2 months ago

A world's first from KiddieToysReview™. Double Doc McStuffins gave farting Mommy a tummy ache checkup, and two Doc McStuffins give farting Mommy an injection. Mommy was hungry at midnight and ate baked beans and muffins. In the morning, farting Mommy had a tummy ache. She had a huge tummy ache and was farting and burping non-stop. Mommy’s tummy hurt because Mommy was sick. Mommy had been farting and burping ever since she woke up. Mommy dialled Doc McStuffins’ number, and Doc McStuffins came to visit Mommy for a tummy ache check up. Doc McStuffins gave pregnant Mommy a check-up for her farts and burps. Doc McStuffins visits Farting Mommy at home for a pregnant Mommy tummy ache check-up when Mommy had a medical emergency. Farting Mommy ended up needing an injection to her tummy for her tummy ache and uncontrollable smelly farts and disgusting loud burps. In this kids video Doc McStuffins gave Mommy a needle and check-up.

After a tummy ache check up and a needle Mommy still kept burping and farting. They were really smelly farts, and Doc McStuffins had to wear a mask and gloves. Doc McStuffins called for backup, and the second Doc McStuffins came to help Mommy with her farting, burping and tummy ache. There was a double Doc McStuffins doctor visit at home. That’s right, two Doc McStuffins! The second Doc McStuffins brought an even bigger needle, and Mommy was scared, so she got a dummy to suck while she got an injection in her big tummy. Watch to find out if farting Mommy felt better after the second needle to her tummy. Mommy also got a Band-Aid so she can feel better. Doc McStuffins is an awesome, sweet Doctor! It’s so funny watching the cute girls and kids play doctor dress up and Mommy gets a check-up and she needs a shot in her tummy for her stomach ache. Keep watching to see if burping and farting Mommy feels better!

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